Since then, Torghatten has transitioned from solely maritime transport to encompassing transport on land and in the air, to once again being exclusively engaged in sea transport. Today, we operate ferries and high-speed passenger crafts along the entire Norwegian coastline.

Torghatten is one of Norway's largest maritime transport corporations.

Our mission is to connect people and communities through sustainable infrastructure. Our ambition is to be the preferred operator of ferries and high-speed passenger crafts in Norway.

The shift towards increased sustainability is rapidly transforming the maritime industry. In a short period of time, we aim to return to the same pollution levels as when ships were propelled by sails and oars – zero emissions.

Ferries and high-speed passenger crafts are the lifeline for people along the coast. This was the case a hundred years ago. It is the case today. And it will be the case in a hundred years. Torghatten has made it possible to live on remote places on the Norwegian coast for more than 140 years. We intend to keep on doing that.

Our companies

Today, Torghatten AS is the parent company for three transportation companies spread across different regions in Norway.

Torghatten Nord operates in northern Norway and along the west coast, Torghatten Midt covers Trøndelag and Nordland, while Bastø Fosen is located in eastern Norway and operates the country's largest ferry connection (Moss-Horten) as well as the country's shortest ferry connection (Svelvik-Verket).

Torghatten operates 43 ferry connections and 15 high-speed passenger boat connections. In total, we have annual revenues of ~3 billion NOK and nearly 1700 employees. We have offices in Brønnøysund, Trondheim, Horten, Tromsø, Stokmarknes and Os.

Torghatten is currently owned by EQT Infrastructure and Nysnø Klimainvesteringer.