AutoPASS-payment system

Statens vegvesen’s AutoPASS-regulatory for ferry-fares sets the basis for the connection between Svelvik and Verket. The fares apply to the vehicle inclusive the driver. Passengers travels for free. It is possible to pay with AutoPASS tag. Until further notice it is not possible to pay with AutoPASS ferry card, credit-/debit card or cash. This is temporary due to COVID-19 restrictions and applies to all county road connections. To receive discount, you will need to have a valid AutoPASS agreement with a tag issuer. You can pay your ticket with the same AutoPASS tags used on road toll. Visit this webpage to see valid tag issuers:

Payment through a central AutoPASS agreement

Vehicles with a valid central AutoPASS agreement, but without AutoPASS ferry agreement, receive 10% discount and will get an invoice from tag issuer. The invoice will include all AutoPASS crossings both for ferry and road.

Payment through AutoPASS prepayment agreement.

When you create an AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement and pay an advance amount, you get an AutoPASS ferry account. After each ferry journey, your payment – including discount – is deducted from your ferry account.

Prepayment provides the following discounts on ferry journeys:

  • 50% discount for private customers
  • 40% discount for business customers The level on advance payment is set by Norwegian government and are divided in the following groups:
  • Rate group 1 (Vehicles from 0 – 8 meters): 3 000 NOK • Rate group 2 (Vehicles from 8,01 – 17,50 meters): 14 800 NOK • Rate group 3 (Vehicles over 17,51 meters): 28 000 NOK

Notice! To receive the highest discount both registration number on the vehicle and the AutoPASS tag must be registered in AutoPASS account. This discount is obtained if the balance on the AutoPASS ferry account is positive. If the next advance invoice is not paid before the balance becomes negative, the discount is reduced to 10%. The claim is sent to the tag issuer, who will include this on the next invoice for all passes registered on your AutoPASS agreement. You will find further information, enter an agreement, and register registration number and tag in the self-service solution, see

Payment through FerryPay

You don’t have AutoPASS tag or AutoPASS prepayment agreement? With a FerryPay agreement you pay your full price travels automatically with credit- or debit card, and you will not receive invoice by post with fee.

You can register your FerryPay account in advance of your ferry journey or up to 48h after completing your journey.

Here you will find more information about FerryPay.

Payment through invoice

Travelers who doesn’t have an AutoPASS agreement or FerryPay agreement must pay full price for their travels and will receive an invoice and invoice fee by post.


Fares are set annually by the Norwegian authorities. Takster fastsettes årlig av norske myndigheter. See current fares at: Electrical vehicles, in all lengths, will according to AutoPASS-regulatory get 50% discount on the ordinary fare. In addition, you will get 50% discount on the electrical car fare with AutoPASS agreement (40% if company) or 10% discount with AutoPASS tag without AutoPASS agreement.